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Canterbury Handball

Canterbury Handball was formed to promote and play handball here in Canterbury, providing opportunities for growth in both new and experienced players.

What is Handball

New to the awesome olympic sport of handball? Our site has all you need to get your head around it.

Over 15 million people worldwide play handball in approximately 140 countries

Join us!!!

Handball requires speed, strength, power, stamina, endurance, fitness and above all teamwork.

We have training and playing options to suit all ages and abilities, we would love to see you!

Beach Handball

Want to try something a bit different? Why not try the action packed summer variant called beach handball.

Contact Us

Sometimes you just need a little more information, we understand. Our team are always on hand to help build handball in Canterbury in any way we can.


Want to know when everything from Trainings to National Tournaments are taking place? We’ve put a calendar together for you to make it nice and easy!